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We need your help to end the discriminatory funding of the Catholic School Board

MPP Jessica Bell (NDP University-Rosedale) has agreed to present a petition at Queen’s Park, calling for the elimination of public funding for the Catholic school systems. This is an opportunity for this important issue to be raised in parliament. More importantly, it is a media opportunity to ensure that this issue remains at the forefront of public opinion. More signatures equals more attention. Please help by signing the petition and encouraging others to do so as well.

The process for presenting a petition at Queens Park is unfortunately cumbersome. (You can find the rules here). However this issue is of such importance that we must take the time and effort to make our voices heard.

Please download the petition, print it, sign it (and ask others to sign) and return it by Canada Post mail to the address on the petition. (Queen's Park will not accept copied, scanned or emailed signatures.)

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