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Officiant Services

Humanist weddings are sincere, meaningful and very personal. They are very inclusive because they highlight the common characteristics of everyone present as they come together in a celebration of love.

While humanist wedding ceremonies are non-religious, they are never anti-religious.

A humanist ceremony can be exactly what you want it to be, from light-hearted, to traditional, to very formal. It is up to you. Apart from the minimal legal requirements, your ceremony will not only be all about you, it will be authentic to you, as unique as your love for one another. Talk to your Officiant about the kind of wedding ceremony you want.

Funerals/Memorials/Celebrations of Life/Scattering of Ashes

Humanist funeral & memorial services aim to highlight the life, accomplishments and personality of the deceased. They are secular tributes that demonstrate the influence & meaning that the deceased has had on people and the surrounding world.


Many people are too stricken with grief to stand up in front of others and speak at a funeral or memorial service. An Officiant can help by leading the way. Officiants are trained to perform various kinds of funeral services that memorialize your loved one, from a large, formal funeral to a private scattering of ashes. 


Since humanist services are non-religious in nature, there is room for creativity and personalization. Consider having a slide show, music medley, table of memorable objects, certificates, framed photos, etc. to honour your loved one. Include a poetry reading or candle-lighting ritual to pay respect to the person’s life. Feel free to learn about each type of ceremony with your Officiant. We are here to help.


Baby Namings

The birth of a child is a big deal. It’s a new human!


An Officiant can help you celebrate a new baby by writing and performing a Baby Naming Ceremony specifically for your child. Formally welcoming a new baby with a ceremony is a sign that the baby is supported, included and welcomed. Humanist Officiants may talk about the meaning and importance of naming children. They may also recognize the various generations of family members that have come before, and talk about how they impact the child with their different supportive roles and personalities. 


Baby Naming Ceremonies are a time to celebrate! An Officiant can show you how.


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