Our Mission

The mission of the Ontario Humanist Society (OHS) is to practise and to foster humanism at the Provincial level by providing focus, service and a sense of ethical identity to humanists and humanist associations across Ontario in a manner consistent with humanist principles, practice and core values as stated in the Humanist Manifestos, Amsterdam Declaration and the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.




  • We aim to support individual humanists where no local group exists and to assist those who wish to establish a group to organize.

  • We will support established groups in developing educational programming, governance structures and outreach efforts and we will actively contribute to group maintenance initiatives.




  • We aim to provide services in the broadest sense of the term including expertise, resources, tools, education and information. Our unique website will be structured as a communication hub where individual humanists and local associations will be able to communicate their news, views and events to other groups.

  • In collaboration with local associations, our outreach committee will also engage politicians, interest groups and the general public on current political issues of significance to Humanists under provincial jurisdiction and beyond.

  • We intend to provide the resources and expertise to allow for personal services such as ceremonies and compassionate care to be available to groups and individuals throughout the Province, not only to humanists but to any who may need them. To this end, OHS officiants will perform provincially sanctioned weddings as well as funerals, child namings and other ceremonies. Local groups will be assisted in the establishment of compassionate care services at times of hardship, illness and bereavement.


Ethical Practice and Identity


  • Adhering to strictly ethical principles, without discrimination or pre-conditions, we will provide our services equally to anyone who comes to us in need of a service we offer.