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Humanists are everywhere, yet you might not know it! Sometimes you want to find other people who share your desire to make the world a little better and your belief that since this is our one life, we should live it to the fullest. 


If you are not yet a member of OHS, we invite you to join us. By joining OHS you will show your support for humanism, and you will have access to a community of humanists.


If you are already a member, consider volunteering. Volunteering allows you to help OHS while you meet and work with other humanists across Ontario.


We welcome members to check out the OHS Members' Area where you will find OHS resources, and be able to participate in our Members' Forum. The members' area requires a login. If you are a member, and need help accessing the members' only area, please email If you are not a member, please join.

Our Officiant Resources are available to all OHS Officiants. If you are an officiant who is having difficulty accessing the Officiant Resources please email Look into how you can become an OHS officiant here

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