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Volunteers are the heart of OHS!

Whether you have a few hours a week, a few hours a month or even a few hours a year, OHS would love to have you join our volunteer team. Read on to see how OHS uses volunteers, but know that if you have a desire to help, we'd love to find a great role for you. Sometimes we didn't know we needed something until the right person, with the right skill set presented themself. 

The Ontario Humanist Society is run entirely by volunteers and we rely on the dedication of our supporters to help us achieve our mission. All of our volunteer positions are done from home, on your own time, and commitments can vary from an hour or two a month to several hours a week if you have the time! No specific experience is required – we are interested in your individual skills and enthusiasm.

If you are interested in working with us, please contact Sandra at for more information


Or complete a volunteer application form. 

Board of Directors
Purpose: The Board is elected by the members and is responsible for managing and supervising all the activities and affairs of the OHS. 


Ceremonies Committee
Purpose: The ceremonies committee determines the rules and regulations as well as managing and governing the day-to-day operations of the OHS ceremonies program, including the selection and training of officiants.


Finance Committee
Purpose: The finance committee manages the finances of OHS through the receiving of all monies and the disbursement of all funds as required to enable the functioning of the Society.


Communications Committee
Purpose: The communications committee is responsible for creating, maintaining, transmitting, and updating, all electronic communications with members, including the OHS website, emails, and social media.


Membership Committee
Purpose: The membership committee maintains and updates the database of members, as well as coordinates member volunteers.

Ethical Actions Committee

Purpose: Responsible for compiling and communicating the concerns of the Ontario Humanist Society (OHS) members regarding current events, in relation to, and consistent with, humanist principles, practice and core values, as stated in the Humanist Manifestos, Amsterdam Declaration and the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Board Member

The Board of Directors at OHS have the following responsibilities:

  • Commit to setting board policies in keeping with our mission and vision

  • Commit to attending and participating in monthly board meetings (via teleconference, in the evenings) and the Annual General Meeting (location varies – assistance with travel costs is available)

  • Active correspondence with other board members via email in between meetings

  • Active participation in one or more board committees

  • An understanding of the confidentiality of all board business

  • Time commitment of approximately 5-10 hours per month for a renewable 2 year term


Project Leader

Each Project Leader would be responsible for launching and running one OHS project with the support of the board and other volunteers. There are a variety of projects we would like to run, such as:

  • Speakers Bureau

    • Recruit members who would be interested in speaking publicly about Humanism

    • Create a list of potential speaking topics and, potentially, draft speech outlines

    • Publicize the Bureau to local groups and other venues that may wish to host a Speaker

  • Humanism Helps

    • Research charities and non-profits that humanists would be comfortable supporting

    • Look for humanist-friendly volunteer opportunities

    • Arrange events for OHS members (participate in charity fun-run, community clean-up day, etc.)

  • Local Group Development

    • Develop a selection of resources to assist members in setting up local groups

    • Offer support to existing local groups

    • Facilitate teleconferences for local group leaders to share ideas

  • OHS Book Club

    • Select appropriate books, arrange and facilitate discussion meetings

  • Project of Your Choice!

    • Is there something you think we should be doing? Tell us! If it fits with OHS mission and values, we’ll support you in getting it launched!

Writer (Press Releases and Statements)

We’d like to be able to issue timely statements in response to current events and we would like to have a small group of writers able to help as needed.

Member Chat Facilitators

Hosting and facilitating a monthly, social teleconference for OHS members; choosing discussion topics and publicizing the discussions via OHS Social Media Channels.


Volunteer Coordinator

This position would involve being the initial point of contact for new volunteers, providing information on current volunteer opportunities, and then putting them in touch with the appropriate board or committee member. In the long term, this position could involve creating a more formal intake/screening process and a volunteer appreciation program.

Volunteer with OHS
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