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Becoming an Officiant

Are you interested in becoming an Ontario Humanist Society licensed

Officiant? We accept applications from all qualified candidates with an
application deadline of October 31st.


We do not accept applications:


  • for one-time ceremonies

  • from anyone with a conflict of interest (i.e. operation of a Wedding/Event
    Planning business or any other wedding-related business)

  • from anyone not meeting the minimum requirements listed below


We encourage applications from all areas of Ontario, especially where there
may not be any humanist groups or officiants.


Information for Prospective Officiant Applicants


Officiants undergo a rigorous vetting consisting of several steps to assess eligibility. We want to ensure that all candidates are qualified, responsible and champions for the Ontario Humanist Society.


To qualify as an applicant the following minimum requirements apply: 


  1. You must support a humanist philosophy, be familiar with humanist core values and principles and be able to discuss and present your understanding to others.

  2. You must agree with the Bylaws and Objectives of the Ontario Humanist Society published on the OHS website.

  3. You must be an active humanist, and a member in good standing of The Ontario Humanist Society for a minimum of one year (12 consecutive months) to be considered as an applicant for officiant training.  Membership in a local humanist association recognized by OHS may be credited towards this requirement as determined by the Ceremonies Committee.

  4. You must have attended at least one OHS AGM. 

  5. You must have completed an online course on humanism and provide proof of completion. Here are some options:


If there is no local humanist organization or association in your area, we encourage you to become active with the Ontario Humanist Society or you may decide to establish a local group in your area. Financial assistance may be available to you for this. Information on Ontario Humanist organizations is available at:


We also encourage you to become active online, and to demonstrate a local commitment to humanism in your community through community involvement, and other relevant activities.


 In addition to the above, your application will have the most success if you have:


  1. Significant life experience that is relevant to the role of a Humanist Officiant

  2. A post-secondary degree, diploma or equivalent training and life experience as assessed by the OHS Ceremonies Committee

  3. Ability and interest in public speaking and group discussion, a genuine interest in celebrating rites of passage and the interpersonal skills to discuss such events with a diverse group of individuals

  4. Ability to comfortably explain the philosophy of secular humanism to others, especially to the general public whom you may meet at public gatherings


If you meet the above requirements and wish to apply, please email the following three things to


Applicants will be contacted via email and, if you meet the criteria above, will begin the vetting process. This is usually completed by February and involves an essay, interview, police check and two references. If successful, training normally takes place on a day at the Annual Meeting in April.


We look forward to meeting you!


Ceremonies Committee and Training Team

OHS Officiant Program

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