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World Humanist Day - Get involved and make a difference

Thoughtful Giving and World Humanist Day

June 21 is World Humanist Day. It is a day to celebrate being a humanist. One thing humanists share is a

desire to leave the world somewhat better than it was when we arrived on it. Not because this will

promise us a future place in paradise, but simply because it is the right thing to do.

Humanists also pride themselves on having good critical thinking skills. The application of good critical

thinking skills is important when considering how to donate time or money and how to find a worthy

cause. Throughout early 2022 we will bring you information about thoughtful charity to help you to

make wiser decisions about how to use your money and your time.

This year, we are inviting our fellow humanists to take part in a day of action that combines critical

thinking and benevolence. We want you, alone or in a group of like-minded people, to take action that is

well thought out and improves the world. We hope that you will share your activity with the organizing

groups and possibly, even share them with your local media.

Please sign up to tell us what you will be doing and where you will do it and let us know how it is an act

of thoughtful charity. If you would welcome other humanists to join you, we invite you to share your

activity and we can help to promote it.

Please get involved and help us demonstrate how humanist values improve our communities, locally,

nationally and internationally.

Ideas for World Humanist Day:

  • Organize a roadside or park clean up (check with your local municipality)

  • Hold a garage sale and/or bake sale and donate the proceeds to a charity

  • Host an event such as a move-a-thon (walk, run, bike or swim) or board game marathon and donate admission fees to charity

  • Volunteer as a group for a local parade or festival (Canada Day)

  • Organize a repair day where you help someone or teach someone to fix equipment, clothes or other items

  • Get involved with a citizen science project

  • Or use your unique skills to find your own project

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