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Statement on Racism Against Chinese, East Asian and South East Asian Canadians

The Ontario Humanist Society stands in support and solidarity with all our Chinese, East Asian and South East Asian communities.

The horrendous and appalling violence in Markham, Ontario; Montreal, Quebec; and in Georgia (USA) demonstrates the significant intersection of Anti-Chinese, Asian & gender-based hatred, through acts of violence and other forms of oppression. Our Canadian populations are also challenged by this type of hatred & violence, as recently highlighted in the report released by Chinese Canadian National Council for Social Justice (CCNCSJ).

We commit to being vigilant in the daily fight against microaggressions, hatred, racism, and all forms of misogyny and discrimination that continue to oppress our neighbourhoods and society as a whole. It is not an option to do nothing, especially during these times of escalated, targeted violence. We must act and fight together, and so we encourage our fellow Ontarians to put an end to the circumstances that prevent our communities from being safe, prosperous and places for people to reach their potential and thrive.

What We Can Do: We can all act. See below on where we can start:

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