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Humanist International Requests Assistance in Ukraine

The Kazimierz Lyszczynski Foundation, an Associate of Humanists International, has put together an important initiative called Humanists across borders for Ukraine, in response to the humanitarian challenges in Ukraine brought by the unprovoked and illegal invasion by Russia.

To date, they have helped house more than 30 people temporarily in Warsaw. Some of them have now left Poland for other European countries. Aside from providing housing and emotional support to Ukrainian refugees, they are also helping with language, translation and access to information and advice.

They have now 21 people in their care at this time, with housing, medical, food, clothes, and other complex services. And have managed to connect other people with families who can host them in their own homes.

They are requesting financial assistance, which you can find the details on their website, as well as moral support and solidarity on their Facebook page.

Thank you for your support,

Javan Lev Poblador

Acting Membership Development Officer

Humanists International The Foundry, 17 Oval Way 17 Oval Way Vauxhall London, SE11 5RR United Kingdom

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