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The Ontario Humanist Society

The mission of the Ontario Humanist Society (OHS) is to practise and to foster humanism at the Provincial level by providing focus, service and a sense of ethical identity to humanists and humanist associations across Ontario in a manner consistent with humanist principles, practice and core values as stated in the Humanist Manifestos, Amsterdam Declaration and the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

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Humanist Officiants

Most people recognize the value of marking important life passages with a special ceremony.

If you would like to celebrate the joining of two lives, the birth of a new baby, or pay tribute to a life that has ended, your solution may be a Humanist ceremony.

We mark the passages of life events in a joyous, respectful, community-oriented celebration, reflecting our Humanist understanding of the shared responsibilities of life, the commonality of all persons, and the individual wishes and reflections of the persons we are celebrating.

Humanist ceremonies can be traditional, or pure fun; quietly dignified, or a blending of both. Each one can be tailored to your personal taste and family requirements. In keeping with Humanist values, they are non-religious ceremonies.

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Who We Are

We are your neighbours, colleagues and friends.

The Ontario Humanist Society is a group of Ontario-based Humanists with a passion for social justice, human rights, environmental action, science, reason, and artistic expression, who have established a provincially-based organization to complement the work of Humanist Canada and local Humanist groups. Learn more...

Get Involved

The Ontario Humanist Society is run entirely by volunteers and we rely on the dedication of our supporters to help us achieve our mission. All of our volunteer positions are done from home, on your own time, and commitments can vary from an hour or two a month to several hours a week if you have the time! No specific experience is required – we are interested in your individual skills and enthusiasm. Learn more...

Ethical Actions

From time to time, OHS will issue statements concerning current events or will endorse such statements and actions issued by like-minded organizations.

We encourage members and others to submit items of concern which may be considered for our news page or for OHS statements. You may send information to the Ethical Action Committee:

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265 Gore Street, Almonte, ON  K0A 1A0
Ottawa area 613-256-1237
Toronto area 437-888-6243


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