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Ontario Humanist Society Opposes Illegal Annexation of the Palestinian West Bank

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

The Ontario Humanist Society strongly opposes Israel’s plan to illegally annex West Bank lands as part of agreement signed by the new coalition government. Annexing Palestinian land under occupation violates the Charter of the United Nations and the principle established by the UN Security Council that “the acquisition of territory by war or force is inadmissible.” Further annexation of occupied lands by Israel would be the opposite of achieving peace and bringing justice to Palestinians and Israelis.

Palestinians deserve to live in peace, without fear that their homes and lands will be demolished or confiscated for the benefit of a different ethnic group. As a secular and rationally-minded group concerned with universal human rights, the Ontario Humanist Society opposes the idea that one religious group or ethnicity should have elevated rights & privileges over another. Instead, the OHS believes that all people should live together with equal human rights and have tolerance for all cultural and religious differences. The Ontario Humanist Society is strongly opposed to apartheid and ethnic cleansing anywhere.

For further information, please see this statement released recently at the United Nations:

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