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OHS Urges You to Combat COVID-19

The Ontario Humanist Society (OHS) is concerned about the recent dramatic rise in the number of cases & alarming high transmission rates of COVID-19 throughout Ontario, Canada and the world.

In order to do our best to combat this very serious illness, the OHS wants to affirm its stance that the scientific method is the best process we have to learn about and combat this virus. It is the process of science, practiced by educated & skilled scientists, health care workers and others, that has allowed us to combat other contagious diseases in the past by creating vaccines and thereby saving millions of lives. We appreciate the fact-based knowledge and relentless commitment of the skilled professionals in the healthcare fields, now and over previous decades.

Therefore, the OHS strongly encourages everyone—humanists and non-humanists alike—to observe the rules about staying at home, social distancing and the wearing of masks, and encourage people to get vaccinated against COVID-19 as soon as possible.

If we all work together and follow protocols for limiting transmission, we will stand the best chance of getting this disease under control and resume our normal lives.

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