On February 8,  Board members Gail McCabe and Mary Beaty spoke to students in the World Religions program at Durham College about Humanism.  This presentation was at the request of Humanist Canada. The college had invited a series of speakers representing various Faith communities.  Gail and Mary are currently Secular Humanist Chaplains at the University of Toronto, and we were the speakers representing the Secular community.   We enjoyed our experience, and received the following feedback:

Just a quick note to thank you very much for the time you took out of your daily responsibilities to present your information to my students. For the vast majority of them, your information was an eye opener. Most had never heard of Humanism nor the creed that you follow.
I must say that your material on the one public school system fit in very well with the debate we had on the topic of, “Be it resolved that there should be no funding of faith-based schools in Ontario.”
I would also like to thank you for clarifying the atheist/agnostic positions. What a fine, informative talk you two gave!
Rick Kerr, Professor, Coordinator of General Education, Durham College