Cathy Oliver, president of the Ontario Humanist Society, said the following in response to the devastating tragedy in Paris last night:

A terrible night in Paris. Our deepest sympathy to all affected by this senseless violence. It’s hard to have faith in humanity at times like this, but I am already hearing stories that remind me of the good in people.‪#‎porteouverte‬ is one example, and I’m sure that more will come to light over the next few days. There is hope.

In addition, the International Humanist and Ethical Union sent the following statement:

Following last night’s series of gun and bomb attacks on Paris, we all stand in solidarity with the people of France and all those suffering under violent extremism around the world.

Please find our full statement in response to last night’s appalling attacks, including a quote from our president, at the following link:

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We are also writing on behalf of the IHEU to President Hollande to express our sincerest condolences and solidarity.