iheu-logo-sm1The latest newsletter from the International Humanist and Ethical Union, of which the Ontario Humanist Society is a member, is now available. The newsletter is available here.

Highlights in this issue of the newsletter include:

  • IHEU contributions this month at the thirty-first session of the United Nations Human Rights Council
  • Advocating Humanism to the world, without fear
  • Inside the Human Rights Council
  • Event on secularism and human rights
  • Combatting violence against children
  • Jailed and lashed for atheism – IHEU highlights treatment of non-religious
  • The rights of women and sexual minorities must not be cast aside in the name of “tradition” and “family”
  • IHEU to Mauritania: stop harassing activists, and abolish “apostasy” law
  • UN must uphold women’s reproductive rights in the fight against Zika virus
  • IHEU urges the UN to do more to resist the rise of populist nationalism
  • IHEU joins successful campaign to protect “human rights defenders”
  • IHEU advocacy and campaigns