The Humane Society International has launched a petition in support of effective, humane protections for moose, wolves, and coyotes:

email-mast-wildlife-gray-wolfThe Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (OMNRF) has introduced a proposal to relax restrictions on the killing of wolves and allow the unlimited killing of coyotes across most of Ontario in an ill-informed effort to enhance moose populations.But in reality, these measures will not save moose populations and will place wolves and coyotes at greater risk.

HSI/Canada, alongside a coalition of wildlife protection groups, have made a formal submission to the OMNRF, opposing its wolf and coyote-killing proposal and suggesting that they instead provide non-lethal solutions to protect moose. This would include cracking down on poaching, further limiting moose hunting, and providing better research and monitoring of moose populations.

The petition is here. Please consider adding your voice to other Ontarians who care about this important ecological issue.