The Ontario Humanist Society is an active supporter of the charity Friends of Maiti Nepal; through our affiliation with IHEU, we have also supported the Society for Humanism Nepal for earthquake relief. In the face of the terrible human toll in the recent earthquake, humanism helps make a difference.

More information from Friends of Maiti Nepal below.



Maiti Nepal Cares for the Vulnerable


On the occasion of Mother’s Day (in the US) we send you our thanks for your interest, support and concern.

We have all seen the photos and videos of the catastrophe in Nepal. Remote villages are hardest hit. Of course, as soon as the TV cameramen go home, we stop hearing about the destruction and tragedy. Nepal is devastated, human trafficking is exacerbated, and the work of Maiti is more important than ever. Anuradha’s experienced team knows how to deal trauma, with children and women in crisis. They do it every day. There are systems in place, and cool heads keep things operating smoothly.


Dolma is 2 years old.¬†She was orphaned by the earthquake and sustained severe head and orthopedic injuries. After a week’s treatment in the hospital, she was ready to be discharged. But where could she go? Maiti Nepal has taken her in. Dolma will receive all the motherly care, good nutrition, and educational opportunities that Maiti Nepal has to offer.


She just gave birth yesterday. She is 18. Her baby is underweight. Her arm was injured in the earthquake. She is in pain. Her husband has not been heard from in six months. Her home was buried in a landslide. Where can she go? She and her baby now have a safe haven at Maiti Nepal.

These are a few of the soon-to-be 200 new residents at Maiti Nepal. Like the country itself, Maiti Nepal is operating under a state of emergency. We are not sure where the funds will come from. We hope we can rely on your support.

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