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Humanism ventures to build a world on the idea of the free person responsible to society, and recognises our dependence on and responsibility for the natural world.”   Amsterdam Declaration of the World Humanist Congress, International Humanist and Ethical Union (IHEU), 2002

In keeping with the above statement from the IHEU, the Ontario Humanist Society takes the position that Canadians have an ethical responsibility to preserve the integrity of our environment and the natural resources on which Canadians rely to maintain human well-being and life itself.

On that account, we have grave concerns about the environmental impact of further oil sands development and the effects it would have on human communities as well as natural resources, wilderness spaces and animals in the wild.

There is no doubt that the Gateway Project is not independent of future oil sands development that will increase the risk of deterioration to these elements and the ultimate disappearance of same.  Therefore, we urge the federal government to include the environmental impact of further oil sands development in the Enbridge Northern Gateway Project Review.

We also call on the federal government to maintain an arm’s length position from the hearings by avoiding distracting and destructive rhetoric that confuses the issues and the process. In so doing, the federal government would facilitate the ability of the Review Panel to conduct their hearings independently with a view to fulfilling their mandate and their obligations to the Canadian people.

The people of Canada expect the federal government to put first and foremost the protection of our commonwealth, our natural resources, animal species, land, air and water from harm and degradation. The first obligation of the Canadian government is to the people of Canada.

Dr. Gail McCabe, President
Ontario Humanist Society
January 24, 2012