Have you ever met a preacher who doesn’t believe in God?
Over the last three years, we’ve been talking to members of The Clergy Project, an online safe space for clergy people who have moved beyond faith. The result is a new documentary feature film.
Losing Our Religion is an inside look at the lives of people who are trapped in the pulpit and those who are ejected out of it. It’s also about community – not just the loss of a community when you deconvert, but how secular people are coming together to form communities of support and even celebration.
The documentary features notable atheist and secular thinkers Daniel Dennett, Dan Barker, Richard Dawkins, Gretta Vosper, Catherine Dunphy, Bart Campolo and more.  Theatrical screenings start across Canada in October 2017.
We invite you to check out the trailer and hopefully spread the word – links are below. 

In addition to the theatrical release there is also a program for community screenings to bring great people together, and help fund raise for secular organizations.