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darwinprotestKansas vs. Darwin, Download Free for 30 days | NCSE

In honor of Darwin Day 2011, the US documentary Kansas vs. Darwin is freely available on-line for thirty days, from February 12 – March 12, 2011. Simply visit the film’s website and click on the yellow sunflower. Directed by Jeff Tamblyn, Kansas vs. Darwin covers the May 2005 hearings of proposed revisions to the Kansas state science standards. Canadians may also download this film.

The hearings, orchestrated by three anti-evolutionist members of the board, were widely condemned, intended only to provide political cover for the anti-evolution faction on the board to override the consensus of the committee of scientists, science educators, and citizens appointed to revise the science standards in order to undermine the treatment of evolution and allied topics in the standards.

NCSE’s executive director Dr. Eugenie C. Scott praised the documentary as “a thoughtful and thorough introduction to a greatly misunderstood event: the 2005 Kansas Board of Education hearings on intelligent design and evolution. With remarkable footage of the hearings themselves along with candid interviews of the principals, the film presents both sides accurately and fairly, and with a healthy dollop of humor.”