225px-Thomas_Paine_rev1With January 29 marking the two hundred and seventy-ninth anniversary of freethinker Thomas Paine, the Freethought Society announced its upcoming celebration of the man’s achievements.

Today, on the birthdate of Thomas Paine, The Freethought Society’s Thomas Paine Memorial Committee is pleased to announce that a celebration of his life will take place on June 4, 2016 during the Reason Rally. The Reason Rally is taking place in Washington, D.C. at the Lincoln Memorial.

Thomas Paine will be portrayed by actor Ian Ruskin. Ruskin will greet people at The Freethought Society table in the Exhibition Tent and will visit the Camp Quest Tent several times during the daylong event. A custom-made lawn game honoring Paine’s book “The Age of Reason” and other literary works will be available to play at the Camp Quest location.

Throughout the day, folk singer James Klueh will perform live at The Freethought Society table. Klueh has written original songs and music to highlight the life and work of Thomas Paine. His music style is creative and educational.

The Thomas Paine Memorial Committee will also host world-famous sculptor Zenos Frudakis, who has been commissioned by the Thomas Paine Memorial Committee to create a sculpture of Thomas Paine in the near future. An artistic rendition of the project will be on display at the Freethought Society table.

All of these plans need funding. The Freethought Society is asking each person who receives this email to make a donation to help finance this wonderful event. Please help us bring Thomas Paine’s legacy to life so that attendees at the 2016 Reason Rally can be entertained and inspired by the great contributions Paine made to move society towards an age of reason.

Read more about the Freethought Society’s work and consider donating to this cause.