Issue 64 of the Humanist Association of London and Area (HALA) is a special issue that features HALA member Donald Hatch’s new book, The Road Not Travelled. The book is described in the foreward by University of Western Ontario professor Goldwin Emerson, Ph.D.:

The Road Not Travelled is a concise informative book. The author, Donald Hatch, has packed each page with knowledge, and thoughtful comments about our past and the emerging of a hopeful future as we proceed from the path of religious superstition and supernaturalism into a more enlightened time. Hatch describes the road not travelled as one that will re-emerge from the early Greek philosophers which had powerful influences in Renaissance thought and later in the Enlightenment of the seventeenth century. As the powerful grip of religious domination lessens in our time, humanists can look forward with hope to renewed enlightenment led by science and reason. This is a book that should be read by secular thinkers, but it will also help religious thinkers understand and question their present practices. I hope it will be read by both.

The Road Not Travelled is available at all regular monthly meetings of the Humanist Association of
London and Area for $15.00. To receive a copy in the mail, send a cheque or money order for $17.00 to Don Hatch, 14 Kingspark Crescent, London ON. N6H 4C4. Please include your mailing address.

You can download Enlightenment 64 here. Back issues of the Enlightenment are available from HALA here.