The Liberal Government of Ontario is inviting the electorate to vote on issues of concern.  Among these issues is the amalgamation of Ontario school boards.  The HAO has always supported a one school system.  Please vote to have your voice heard.  Thank you.

Vote in the Liberal’s “Common Ground”

The Liberal Party of Ontario is conducting a survey of voters to determine what a future government’s policies should be in order to win votes in an election.  The Liberals conducted a survey of the same nature before the last election and dismissed the two suggestions that gained the most support – the elimination of the public funding of the Roman Catholic separate school systems, and a disapproval of the government’s intent to sell off a portion of Hydro One.  Some suggestions in this survey could also be ignored, but it is important for the public to let our wishes be known.  For sure, the other side is going to urge all of their individuals to make sure they show a sizes-able opposition to the majority wish to get rid of religious discrimination.  A reading of the “comments” shows that there is overwhelming support for one public school system.

What appears at the bottom is the first “Idea” under HOT.   Each person that wishes to participate has to register, which is entirely painless.  The registration ensures that the site is not abused by anyone wishing to mistreat it.  If you click on the “HOT” button which indicates a “hot” topic, the first one that comes up is about eliminating the separate school systems – copied at the bottom.  All supporters of one secular school system for each official language is urged to register, and vote.

On the website, there is a box to the right of the “New Idea”, clicking on the “UP” arrow indicates that you “Agree”.  Clicking on the “DOWN” arrow indicates that you “Disagree”.  The number inside the box indicates the difference in number of votes between the “agree” and “disagree” votes.

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Amalgamate School Systems
Both provincial and federal Liberal governments tout inclusiveness and the value of diversity, and I would say, rightfully so. And yet we fully publicly fund two school systems that enshrines segregation. We segregate students based on religious grounds and we violate the rights of non-Catholic teachers to practice their craft at all the publicly funded schools in Ontario. These egregious and un-Canadian values should be enough to have us running to the polls to abolish this government supported prejudice But to add insult to injury, it’s costing all taxpayers over a billion dollars more a year for this bureaucratic discrimination.