The latest edition of Enlightenment, the newsletter of the Humanist Association of London and Area, is now available. This edition includes:

  • Who is right and who is wrong about rights?
  • Proselytizing
  • Some revealing world statistics
  • Lexophilia provides a few laughs

You can download this edition of Enlightenment here. For previous issues, visit the HALA website.

Correction: HALA has sent the following update.

An Enlightenment reader has sent me a link to a web site called “Truth or Fiction” that claims the article in the May Enlightenment entitled “Way to go Quebec” is fiction. The article is about the mayor of Dorval PQ stating that school canteen will not remove pork from their menus as requested by a group of Muslims. The mayor’s name is not mentioned and on reflection it seems odd that a mayor rather than a school board would be involved in this matter. Apparently a similar article appeared in Belgium in 2013. The Truth or Fiction web site where their claim about the Dorval article can be seen here.

Obviously, articles like this that continually come over the internet need to be checked out before printing in a HALA document. Sorry for the error.