Avaaz – They’re eyeing our inboxes — let’s stop them!.

The Harper government is attacking our privacy by sneaking new online spy rules into a giant omnibus bill. They could act very soon — but a massive outcry can stop them from eyeing our inboxes.

They say it’s about protecting kids from cyber bullying, but only four of its 70 pages deal with the issue. The rest could systematically dismantle key civil liberties making it easier for authorities to spy on everything we do online, and easier for them to covertly track our movements using our own phones.

The last time Harper tried to sneak a bill like this past us, citizens fought back and won by creating an uproar in the press — let’s do it again! Click now to stop them from eyeing our inboxes. When 50,000 sign we’ll launch a massive media storm in key Ministers’ ridings to make sure they feel the heat from their own constituents.

“As concerned citizens we call on you to withdraw Bill C-13 and reintroduce only the portion dealing with cyber bullying. The remainder of the bill greatly increases the government’s power to spy on our online activities and even monitor our movements. This is an unacceptable infringement on the basic civil liberties of all Canadians. The government should seek to achieve the legitimate aims of fighting cyber bullying without also threatening our basic privacy rights.